If Shes The One*

If Shes The One
Words & Music by Flynn & Ellis Paul

Shell be colorful.reliable
Shell crack a window
Bring a light into your day
Her laugh is undeniableits illogical
Shell let it fly
It leaves you startled, wide-awake
Youll be at a loss for words
A song thats never heard
Searching for something, anything to say

If shes the one
The woman will shake you
With love that can break you
If you let it come undone
All doubts can be broken
If you keep your heart open
The risks are unspoken
But theyre worth the run
If shes the one

Its impossible
Not to watch her when she walks into a room
Shell be beautiful
Thats undisputable
Theres a catch within her voice
And in how she moves
If she returns your gaze
Shell turn you like a phrase
And youll be spinning
Like youre drunk from the light of the moon

(c) (p) 2007 Martin Crotty Publishing (ASCAP) & Ellis Paul Publishing (SESAC)

updated: 12 years ago