Another season tripping through your fingers
Another minute lasting for a hour
Another voice thats calling out inside of you.
You wish your life was never so demanding
You wish your dreams were never so commanding
Your surfing through the world on the tv screen

And it's You
It's only You!

You play the fool but only you are laughing
You got the style but your naked on the inside
You got it all or maybe it's just got you.
Your freaking out when nobody's around you
Your freaking out when everyone surrounds you
And then again i know what's on your mind.

And you forget what it's like to understand
And you pull out when you feel
their arms stretched out.

You lose yourself where everyone can find you
You play the game so everyone can beat you
Your standing tall but never looked so small.
Your smiling wide but crying on the inside
You sing along to songs you can't relate to
Cause your life is pushing overdrive.

Martin Crotty Publishing ASCAP

updated: 10 years ago