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An American Wake Top 12 pick March/April 2006

An intoxicating combination of Celtic and techno is what you'll find on An American Wake, the latest offering from Flynn. On "Alive" he sings, "You make 9 to 5 feel like a sunny afternoon," his rich baritone detailing the beauty of a lover as electronic drums mix with guitar and banjo.
New England folk favorite Ellis Paul stops by to sing backing vocals on "Father of Mine," a tune sure to bring a tear to the eye of even the toughest tough guy. But other than Paul and a few other friends on isolated songs, what you hear is all Flynn. The multi-instrumentalist has written, arranged and performed all songs on the album. While this technique can sometimes result in a homogenous sound, Flynn proffers such a unique combination of instrumentation and musical styles that the album shines with all the brilliance of Irish emeralds under a flashing strobe light

by Mare Wakefield, Performimg Songwriter

updated: 11 years ago